We specialise in Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Software for companies like yours.

Compusoft Australia aims to be the pre-eminent supplier of software technologies to corporations, by providing the tools to help our customers more effectively meet their specific and evolving business management goals. Our culture is all about partnership - delivered through teamwork and passion to benefit and profit all the stakeholders including our valued clients, committed staff members, strategic shareholders and partners.


Who We Are

Compusoft Australia is a Microsoft ERP Gold Partner software supplier with a presence in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. Compusoft Australia designs, implements and monitors a diverse range of ERP solutions to suit growing needs of your business. To learn more about Compusoft Australia, its products, people, clients and history, watch this short video. You can see more videos about Compusoft Australia, our Products and Partners as well as tips and tricks for the End User on our YouTube Channel.


Careers At Compusoft Australia

Compusoft Australia is a leading specialist software company offering our staff training and up-skilling in the technical, sales and lead generation areas. Working within the Local, National and International markets, Compusoft Australia services a wide variety of clients with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, NAV Mobility and NAV FoodSoft.


What We Do

Compusoft Australia is a proud member of the Microsoft Partner Network. We specialise in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for small to medium sized businesses. Our skilled team of software specialists are able to design your software system as a result of close consultation with you, together with extensive knowledge of general business processes and up-to-the-moment technologies available. Once the architecture has been.

Clients generally come to us looking for any combination of the following solutions:

95 Microsoft Dynamics NAV
80 NAVfoodsoft
84 NAVeCommerce
62 QlikView
47 Metaviewer
32 NAVmobility
67 NAVcash&carry