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Compusoft Australia turns 25!

Compusoft Australia turns 25!



A Letter from the Director of Compusoft Australia:

I wanted to take this moment to stop and thank you personally for your loyalty, dedication, vision and hours of patient consultation which have proven to be the very basis of our longevity and success.

Compusoft Australia has seen some incredible advances in technology since we started back in 1989 using green-on-black text based systems like MS DOS and PICK as Advanced Techniques Computing Systems, and then evolving into Windows and now off into ‘the Cloud’ and beyond with a presence in 3 different States as Compusoft Australia.

As we head into the next 25 years of evolution and technical innovation, we hope to continue to share with you news and updates from Microsoft and other Partners, giving you the opportunity to keep up to date with the exciting changes taking place in the world of business computing.

If you haven’t subscribed yet to our News Blog, you might want to have a look and see if any of the NAV tips, tricks or updates are helpful to you. If you have a need of any special training or information, please feel free to contact us at your leisure, either by phoning us on 02 9597 4377, or by commenting on the blog, or our contact page. We are always happy to listen and help. Your input is what inspires us to grow, and so please always feel free to let us know what’s on your mind. If you feel so inspired, you are invited to fill in our Customer Satisfaction Survey as often as you like, to leave input of any type. You can even leave anonymous feedback if you feel so inclined, every opinion counts.

We sincerely look forward to 25 more years of providing state-of-the-art computing systems to businesses like yours. Here’s to an exciting and prosperous future for us all!

Many Thanks,

Joe Cardinale




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