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Six Sources of Business Problems

Six Sources of Business Problems



When examining your business, nearly all problems and frustrations stem from six basic sources that you should be able to spot and resolve.






An employee is not a good fit for the role, not properly trained or skilled, not sufficiently motivated or perhaps doesn't fit into the culture of the business.



You have a company policy that stifles performance. e.g. Over-ambitious supply and production goals create errors and mistakes.



Low-quality materials cause rework, inefficiency or client complaints.



Machines or equipment is outdated, slow, worn-out and causes excessive waste and downtime.



The work environment is not conducive to performance or high productivity. It's too hot or too cold or dangerous, cluttered, disorganised or stressful.



The businesses systems or processes are poorly designed, executed or communicated. Disparate systems will nearly always cost money, opportunities and errors.


We can't help you with 1-5 but we are experts in number 6. If you wish to explore how your business processes can be streamlined and enhanced with a modern ERP solution, please contact Stephen Tritton on 02 9597 4377 or


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