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2018 To Do List

2018 To Do List


Spreadsheet Slowdown

For those tracking inventory with spreadsheets, how frustrating is it to find you are basing decisions on incomplete or worse – incorrect figures? Manual data entry and dealing with its associated issues has been known to stunt business growth.

Our business is an expert in resolving these issues. How small business inventory software can overcome this issue



Pantry Lists and how they can improve your bottom line

Those of you in the food industry would know a pantry list. If you are a food manufacturer or distributor, do you know how you can utilise these to improve customer relationships, spot customers that have slowed ordering and, in the process, your bottom line?

Our software is engineered to do just that. Pantry lists and other useful things



Spoilt stock stinks!

If you are the average wholesale food business you are undoubtedly frustrated but the constant occurrence of picking mistakes, delivery issues and returned goods for when you (or the vendor) just gets it wrong.

We can show you how to get a positive cash outcome from resolving this using our software. Reduce the bleed


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