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NAVmobility FoodSoft ERP

NAVmobility FoodSoft ERP

Employee empowerment is an effective way of increasing the efficiency and profitability of any organisation, not least in the Food Service and Food Wholesale Distribution industry.

Compusoft Australia have designed with the assistance of Wholesale Food Distribution industry leaders a Sales App that Sales Representatives can use to engage with their customers in a manner that is informed and seamlessly integrated into the distributors business management software.




Some of the features of the CSA FoodSoft Sales Mobility App include:

  • On-line-Off-line application
  • Customer list refreshed by sales territory
  • Customer summary display
  • Outstanding balance Current/Overdue
  • Sales History
  • Enter orders through customer’s Pantry List
  • Item search
  • Facility to enquiry on Orders/Invoices/Credit Notes
  • Facility to make payments for invoices either full amount or partial payment

To know more on how the FoodSoft Sales App can enhance the productivity of your sales team or for further information please contact Compusoft Australia and speak with one of our consultants on 02 95974377, email  or visit CSA FoodSoft Mobility


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