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Introducing NAVmobility by Compusoft Australia

Introducing NAVmobility by Compusoft Australia

Benefits of B2B e-commerce:

B2B is going through a transformation.  The market is changing fast and more and more companies are adding an online sales channel to their business. Here’s why:

B2B businesses are changing as a result of the sudden increase of online business practices.  Customers have come to expect to find what they need directly from their devices at any time of the day or week.  By providing customers with an online sales portal for your manufacturing company, you will be able to effectively meet these expectations. And if you don’t provide it, they can find another company who will.

Knowing your customers means that you can serve them better.  With a B2B e-commerce platform like NAVmobility, you are able to sell outside office hours and still offer customer specific assortments and prices.  These features optimize your efficiency, improve your internal processes and reduce costs.

By providing an online B2B solution for your customers, you are ensuring them:

Better Customer Service

You will be able to shift your energy away from servicing every single order and really concentrate on getting to know your customers and their needs better. An online sales portal for manufacturing companies will allow customers to conveniently find information they are looking for in their own time.

Higher Sales Efficiency

Ordering by phone, fax or in person takes a lot of time and money as you strive to to service your customers and manually process every order.  In comparison, with an online sales portal, orders can be placed quickly and easily, anytime and from anywhere. All product information is instantly available in real time on your online store.

Improve Your Bottom Line

An automated online sales portal will save you time and money. Customers will return more often, and as more orders are placed online, you will see a significant increase in your revenues. A well designed B2B E-commerce solution has the potential to make an enthusiast out of even your most demanding customers.


B2B e-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Make the most of your Dynamics NAV Solution by launching an online portal using NAVmobility:

At Compusoft Australia, we are specialists in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and know how to create a seamless exchange of your Dynamics NAV business information to your online portal. Because NAV fully integrates with all of your Microsoft Business tools, your online portal will be set up and efficiently processing orders in record time.


About Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Offering applications for sales and marketing, service management, financial management, human resources management, manufacturing, multiple and international sites, project management, supply chain management and business intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is known for being highly adaptable and user friendly, this is why Microsoft Partner, Compusoft Australia has been specializing in this powerful ERP Software since it first hit the Australian markets over two decades ago.


NAVmobility has been specifically developed by Compusoft Australia to serve the evolving needs of Microsoft Dynamics NAV manufacturing and distribution markets. Because it provides all of your business information in one secure location while delivering a consistent and enjoyable online shopping experience across multiple channels and devices, NAVmobility is the perfect B2B e-commerce solution.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV deploys on Windows operating system sand stores data on a Microsoft SQL Server, NAV is developed in the.NET framework, all of which are core Microsoft platform technologies, making it highly compatible with other Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Excel and Word.


About Compusoft Australia

Compusoft Australia is a proud member of the Microsoft Partner Network. Compusoft Australia has been specializing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for small to medium sized businesses for over 2 decades. Our skilled team of software specialists are able to design cost-effective and efficient software systems as a result of close consultation with our clients, together with extensive knowledge of general business processes and up-to-the-moment technologies available.


To learn more about NAVmobility, or to get a free demonstration, please call Compusoft Australia today on 02 9597 4377.





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