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5 Ways Your ERP Business Software Can Save You Money!

5 Ways Your ERP Business Software Can Save You Money!

5 Ways Your ERP Business Software Can Save You Money!

By Elizabeth Johnson

It is quite understandable when busy decision makers choose to implement software systems at various points in time as business growth demands it, rather than implementing a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system right from the start. Unfortunately though, this method tends to result in a tangled web of separate systems, sometimes referred to as a ‘software hairball’. The problem with running a multitude of different software systems is that it ultimately slows down the company’s ability to grow by inhibiting productivity and agility, limiting business intelligence and forcing costly duplications of effort across multiple processes. A bit of research and proactive planning about your software system in the early stages of business development can help to avoid these problems from the beginning and therefore significantly improve your bottom line.

Separate Systems vs Unified ERP:

For many organisations the quality of the goods or services they offer are their first consideration. Thoughts of expansion and growth follow closely behind and ideas about the software infrastructure they will someday need can slip down the priority list, especially in those formative years. For such businesses, the first step to building a software solution usually involves some sort of introductory accounting system such as QuickBooks, Xero or MYOB to help out with invoicing, bill payment and that all-important end of year tax time. As the business evolves though, there soon becomes a need to add other software applications to manage human relations, orders and inventory as well as customer support. For those in manufacturing industries, there is also supply chain and distribution software to consider. It is often at this point that members from all levels of the organisation begin to realise the urgent need for a single code base software system displaying one true source of data that communicates seamlessly and reports immediately across all business processes.  

However, for other organisations, proactive planning is done in the formative stages for the early implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning system that grows and changes with the needs of the business. This results in efficient business procedures and smooth transitions between all stages of business growth. It also eliminates the need to worry about further software implementations in the future.

How an ERP Business Solution Saves You Money:

As well as being efficient, elegant and enjoyable to use, a well implemented ERP system can save you time and money. Here are 5 money saving benefits of a good ERP system:


1) Automated Efficiency Across All Processes:

Automating key processes such as order management, invoicing, cash collection, human resources, expense approvals, and financial consolidation can significantly streamline your daily operations and save valuable time and money for your organisation. Automation also helps to reduce human errors and duplication of effort.

2) Scalability = Cost Savings:

Because ERP systems are scalable, you will be able to activate new functions within the system as your business needs them. Easy management of the new processes means that your IT department will no longer need to procure, install, and maintain multiple systems, nor will they have to face the difficult task of integration between different systems saving a significant sum in operational costs.

3) Keep Your Customers Happy With Improved CRM:

You will be able to more efficiently serve your customers and reduce unnecessary waiting times and paperwork with a Customer Relations Management system that links all of your data in one simple dashboard.

4) Dramatically Improved Visibility:

Running a business shouldn’t be a gamble. With all of your data available for you in real-time, you will be able to make timely and informed business decisions instantly without having to search through multiple data sources. And by having access to key business reports, matrixes and dashboards on your mobile devices, you can have all the information you need to make important business decisions on the go any time from virtually anywhere.

5) Increased Simplicity:

Perhaps the most sophisticated element of a good ERP system is that they reduce complexity of business processes and give you an elegantly designed system of workflows. Having everything you need and nothing you don’t saves time and effort across the entire organisation.


Today, integrated business software systems are transforming how companies run, and enabling them to transcend growing pains that previously were holding them back from taking their business to the next level of profitable growth. To learn more about how a Microsoft ERP system can save you money, call Compusoft Australia on 02 9597 4377 or fill in a contact form to arrange your free consultation or demonstration


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